Marine Applications

The South Pacific Seas are one of the most demanding environments on Earth, and maintaining safety in this environment is heavily dependant on the performance and reliability of the navigation aid equipment being utilized.

Carmanah‘s Marine navigation aids have been developed in close association with the Canadian Coast Guard, and these products have proven themselves in some of the world’s harshest environments. These extreme conditions have confirmed that Carmanah’s focus on quality and reliability has delivered products able to withstand submersion, impacts from objects and waves as well as strong winds in some of the worst conditions imaginable and still perform faultlessly to help preserve safety at sea.

With no scheduled maintenance for up to five years, Carmanah’s solar technology offers significant cost-saving benefits by reducing maintenance cycles and saving on valuable man hours. Unquestionably tough and flawlessly reliable, Carmanah solar marine lanterns are approved by the US and Canadian Coast Guards.


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