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Marine M708 3-5 Nm Lantern

Since 1996, Carmanah has been a world leader and one of most trusted names in solar LED technology. Carmanah has earned a reputation for delivering high quality, innovative, cost-effective, and long-lasting solar products for general illumination, marine, aviation, traffic, and solar power applications.

Carmanah products are made in the USA to the highest standards, and have been installed in extreme environments as diverse as sun-baked airfields in the Middle East to frigid bays in the Baltic Sea, and are now operating in the tropical conditions of the South Pacific. Carmanah solar technology has been chosen by and is trusted by some of the most demanding customers in the world including the US Coast Guard, NASA, international military organizations and local authorities around the world.

Our expertise ranges from small single-panel solar marine lanterns to large industrial-sized grid-tied solar power systems; from marine signaling to airfield lighting to parking lot lighting. Big or small, we put solar to work!

To see an example of Carmanah product quality, click here to see a video of a M650 Solar LED lantern being tested on YouTube.

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Carmanah & Sabik Join Forces

Carmanah & Sabik Join Forces
Aviation A704 Wireless Lantern

Marine lighting pioneers Carmanah Technologies Corporation and Sabik Oy have now joined forces to deliver a complete range of marine lighting solutions under the Carmanah/Sabik brand.

This partnership brings together two of the world’s leading innovators in aids to navigation (AtoN), enabling us to offer a complete solution unmatched and unprecedented in the marine industry for marine navigation solutions. Both Carmanah & Sabik are committed to providing the highest quality aids to navigation in the world and the superior service our customers demand.

Whether you need a self contained one nautical mile buoy lantern, an omni-directional sector light or an eighteen nautical mile range light, Carmanah/Sabik are now able to offer a complete solution that will deliver superior performance and reliability in even the harshest of environments.

To learn more about Sabik products, visit www.sabik.com.

Marine M502 1Nm Lantern
Marine M650 2-4 Nm Lanterns
General Lighting EverGEN Se-20
General Lighting EverGEN 1710
NEW EG-300 Solar LED Light
Marine Applications

Navigation Aids and Dock / Marina Lighting

Carmanah & Sabik's Marine navigation aids have been developed in close association with the Canadian Coast Guard and European Maritime Authorities and these products have proven themselves in some of the world’s harshest environments.

Aviation Applications

Taxiway & Runway Lighting, Emergency Airfield Lighting

Because safe travel by air is highly dependant on reliable navigation lights, Carmanah has a range of products for both Civilian and Military use for applications such as Taxiway & Runway Lighting, Threshold & caution Lighting, Emergency Airfield Lighting, Helipads or Airfield Safety and Way finding products.

Outdoor Lighting Applications

Streetlights, Carparks, Pedestrian & Walkway Lighting

Versatile, adaptable and resilient: Carmanah solar LED outdoor lighting solutions are boldly turning yesterday’s imagination into today's reality.



Marine Brochure
Marine Brochure

Our 12-page Marine Technology brochure is available for download.

Aviation/Obstruction Brochure
Aviation/Obstruction Brochure

Our 12-page Aviation/Obstruction Technology brochure is available for download.

EverGEN™ Overview
EverGEN™ Overview
EverGEN™ 10-80 Series
EverGEN™ 10-80 Series