Express Diesel Service Ltd

At Express Diesel Service Ltd we have strengthened our Food Technology & Equipment section. We now have the ability to source all types of Food processing equipment and facilitate “total installation” projects for;

  • Small Goods production
  • Canning operations
  • Small Abattoir operations
  • Waste Treatment
  • Packaging Lines

We also supply ingredients for a wide range of food products and we can offer advice on formulations and recipes for your particular product.

So if you are intending to start a new food product or improve your present operation, contact us and we can help you facilitate the project.

Meat Processing Machinery
Meat Processing Machinery
  • Abattoir Processing Equipment New & Second Hand
  • Conveyors & Belting of all types, Stainless Steel benches, stands & racking
  • Band Saws, Knives, Pneumatic Food processing equipment
Small Goods Processing Equipment
Small Goods Processing Equipment
  • Handtmann, Kramer & Grebe, Laska, Vemag, Risco, & Talsa brands available
  • Bowl Cutters, Mixers & Mincers, Sausage Vacuum Filler / Linkers, & Cookers
Food Packaging Systems
Food Packaging Systems
  • Vacuum Packers, Thermo Packers, & Tray Sealers.
  • Specialised Barrier Films & Bags for all types of Food Products
  • Bag Clippers & Sealers
Food Ingredients / Raw Materials
Food Ingredients / Raw Materials
  • All types of Sausage Casings for Meat, Chicken, & Vegetarian
  • Cured Meat ingredients and recipes
  • Full range of flavours, fillers, & Spices for Food & Meat processing
Pumps  Food Industry Standard
Pumps Food Industry Standard
  • Material Handling Pumps for Food, Liquids, and Waste
  • All Brands & sizes available with full range spare parts
Food Industry Clothing / Hygiene
Food Industry Clothing / Hygiene
  • Overalls, Gumboots / Safety Boots, Aprons, Steel Mesh Gloves, Bump Caps
  • Freezer Clothing & Footwear, Specialised Safety Equipment for all work types
  • Quality Control equipment
  • Safety & Hazard signs for all Industries
  • Hygiene & Sanitation Equipment and Cleaning Chemicals

For all your Food Industry equipment needs please contact us.